Safe Water for Health Research Team, University of Saskatchewan

The long-term goal of the Safe Water for Health Research Team (SWHRT) is to build community and scholarly capacity for water and health research in rural and remote communities in SK, in order to make evidence-based decisions about water policy that will promote the health of all SK residents.

Touchwood Agency Tribal Council

Located in Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Touchwood Agency Tribal Council has the following member nations: Day Star First Nation, Fishing Lake First Nation, Gordon First Nation, Kawacatoose First Nation, and Muskowekwan First Nation. Each member community is an autonomous nation governed by its own Chief and Council, laws and customs.

Safe Drinking Water Team



Safe drinking water team

The Safe Drinking Water Team (SDWT) was formed by First Nation water operators, university scientists and water treatment professionals. SDWT's goal is to educate native communities across the country about the production of safe drinking water.